Past, Present & Future


Our typical idea, is that time is a rigid line, moving from left to right, from the past to the present and on to the future. 

Even science is questioning the existence of time. Some physicists even suggest our perception of time is an illusion.

According to Einstein’s theory of gravity, space-time can be visualized as a fabric which is stretched and distorted by the presence of matter and energy. What we perceive as time is just us moving along this fabric of space-time.

I find this fabric of time easier to comprehend as a where rather than a when, similar to positions on a chessboard, each square on a chess board representing all simultaneous moments of what we call time. Every square no matter how far away has the potential to become your next experienced moment. The squares of potential experiences closest to you have a higher probability of occurring in the next moment, based on the beliefs you hold and the choices you make.

The gravitational field of a black hole can be visualized as a funnel, with a dead, collapsed star at the very center. Anyone unfortunate enough to get too close to the funnel inevitably falls into it and is crushed to death.

One puzzle, however, is that, according to Einstein’s equations, the funnel of a black hole may connect our universe with a parallel universe. Furthermore, if the funnel connects our universe with itself, then we have a “worm hole”. These anomalies did not bother Einstein because it was thought that travel through the neck of the funnel, called the “Einstein-Rosen Bridge,” would be impossible (since anyone falling into the black hole would be killed).

However, over the years physicists like Roy Kerr as well as Kip Thorne at the Calif. Institute of Technology have found new solutions of Einstein’s equations in which the gravitational field does not become infinite at the center, i.e. in principle, a rocket ship could travel through the “Einstein-Rosen bridge” to an alternate universe (or a distant part of our own universe) without being ripped apart by intense gravitational fields.

Even more intriguing, these wormholes can be viewed as time machines. Since the two ends of the wormhole can connect two time eras or different positions on this fabric of space & time, similar to positions on our hypothetical chessboard. Thorne and his colleagues have calculated the conditions necessary to enter the wormhole in one time era and exit the other side at another time era or position on the fabric of the space-time continuum. 

Let’s move back to the spiritual aspects of this discussion. Our consciousness is not limited as our physical bodies are. We can easily move our consciousness, from thoughts of the present moment, to the past or the future in the blink of an eye. We can move our consciousness, anywhere we choose within this fabric of space-time.  I suspect some of you are wondering how we can move our consciousness into the future, “the future doesn’t exist yet right?” If you remember earlier the 1st chapter titled “Science & Spirituality; a blurring of the line”, we discussed time briefly. Everything exists; every thought and every possibility exists, waiting to be chosen and brought into the present moment. Some possibilities have a higher probability of occurring, depending on who, what and where you are on this fabric of space and time.

Besides being able to move our consciousness anywhere we choose in this fabric of space-time, we can also change our interpretation of what we perceive in those different moments or positions in space-time. You could re-examine a traumatic childhood experience; feel it, look at it, re-experience it from a new perspective. You determine how you experience an event based on your beliefs. If you change your belief about a particular moment, you change your experience of that moment, which changes your present moment’s experience, which naturally changes the different probabilities of your future.

I wonder about our interconnectedness of our consciousness with these other simultaneous moments. Is it possible that by changing our beliefs of the past moment in the present that we actually may increase the probability, that in that past moment we would hold a different belief and make a different choice to create the reality we are experiencing in the present?

What is history, just an interpretation of a particular moment? If you re-examine a particular moment with a different perspective, you will find a different interpretation of that moment and a change of history.

Let’s play with some ideas on how to increase your probability of creating a future you desire.

1             Look at a particular moment from your perceived past. Move your consciousness there, feel that moment and re-experience it. Now look at the particular moment, examine it in minute detail. What beliefs were you holding at that time (e.g. “I’m a victim”, “I’m smart”, “I’m rich”, etc.), feel those beliefs and re-experience them. Now look at the choices you made that created that experience.

2             Move your consciousness back to the present moment. Feel the present moment, experience the moment, and examine it in minute detail. What beliefs do you have in the present moment (e.g. “I’m a victim”, “I’m smart”, “I’m rich”, etc.), feel those beliefs and re-experience them. . Now look at the choices you made that created your experience of the present moment.

3             What future do you desire? Feel what that moment feels like, experience that moment fully. What beliefs are you holding in this future moment? Feel those beliefs and experience them fully. This future moment exists now, look at the Beliefs that made the choices available to you to create this future.


Thoughts become things; choose ones that align with who you choose to be!