Science & Spirituality

"A blurring of the line”


Max Planckdeveloped and proposed the basis for Quantum Theory  in 1900 for which he was awarded the Nobel in 1918.

The more we learn about the quantum world, the stranger and more counterintuitive it becomes.

We know for example, that an ocean of particlescontinuously pops in and out of existence all around us. If you took a box into the empty void of space and looked carefully inside, you would find it is not empty after all; particles would appear in the box out of nowhere, only to vanish in an instant and be replaced by others. True emptiness doesn’t exist.

For over 100 years science has said that light behaves like a particle and a wave. Scienceis proposing that light wave behavior observed, is actually an invisible particle from another universe paired with the particle in this universe. They have experimented with paired particles separated by hundreds of miles and found that manipulating the local particle affects the remote particle. Scientists have even been able to teleport atoms, (to move them from one place to another).

Discover Magazine Sept 2001, Page 37-43 physicist David Deutsch 

"Dr. David Deutsch has proposed that quantum mechanics doesn’t just apply to sub-atomic particles, but also objects created from sub-atomic particles, such as you & me.  Taking this a step further he proposes an infinite number of universes containing you & me representing every possible choiceand outcome of those choice made by us. In some universes you may not exist because your parents never met or maybe you forgot to look both ways while crossing the street.”

What if we took this theory further and looked at the possibility that besides occupying multiple universes we also occupy multiple moments in time simultaneously (what we understand time to be), and what might be consider reincarnation is actually us in those moments.


Normally we are taught that time is linear running from left to right, birthto death, from some finite point to some finite point. I like to look at time vertically with all past, present & futuremoments existing simultaneously, like a stack of books with each page and book existing simultaneously. Each page in the book representing a different moment, with all of humanity occupying that page, as the moment passes we flip to the next page. Every decision that we make that changes the plot or ending of our story would create a new book and because we have an infinite number of choices in life we will end up with an infinite number of books. If you ponder on this for awhile, you can see that when you decide to re-live this human experience, you can look at all of the infinitely available novels of humanity and decide which story you want to experience and even decide what page in this novel of life you want to start at. You can decide who your parents will be and what situations you are born into. You create the basic outline of your life, but because of free will, you again have the opportunity to help create a new book with a new ending. 

Because timedoesn’t exist, every infinite number of choicesand outcomes in life has already occurred, for past, presentand future. This almost sounds like predisposition, but because we have an infinite number of choices and outcomes to choose from we still have free will.

I feel that your soul or consciousness exists in every novel and on every page.  This means that you exist in more than one place and moment simultaneously. As you become conscious of these infinite moments of lifeyou will know whether you have had a particular experiencebefore and you will be able to consciously decide if the experience defines who you are, if not you can decide on a different adventure.

We exist "all the time" on different levels or at various points in space and time simultaneously. If one of me dies and then comes back as another person, then who "Am I”? I would have to exist as two people at once.  And if I kept on doing this through out all of eternity, then "I Am” being a 100 people at once, a thousand, a million…. At this point it doesn’t take too much of a leap to realize that we are all ONE.

If we accept that timedoes not exist, then all possible decisions and outcomes have already occurred and exist simultaneously. That means there are an infinite number of our individual selves.

We have all heard the "New Age” thought that we are all part of the "ONE, The Great I AM”, we all started as One Consciousness. So try to visualize how upon your birth, you had an infinite variety of moments and potential experiences to choose from. Because all moments exists simultaneously and time is not linear, you could even decided to exist in this current moment of life as your spouse to experiencean interaction with your self. Because timedoesn’t exist, then you could come back as anyone with an infinite number of possibilities. If you think about this further you can see how one soul or consciousness could easily represent every person on this Earth, past, present and future, as we understand it. Once we understand that we are all one, we can quickly solve the problems we think exist on this Earth. It is no longer us against them, no more victims, and no more villains. I AM You, You are Me, once we realize this, we will no longer create fearin this great illusionwe call life. Remember every thing in this life has already occurred including every solution to every problem we imagine, as soon as we remember this; there will BE nothing to fear. Once we understand this life for what it really is, we can experience it for the wonderful game that it is.

I know many of you probably feel these are just some interesting ideas, but I sincerely feel that this is a correct path at least for me. No matter what experiencein this life I have desired I have been able to create. I have experienced, accepted and enjoyed poverty, wealth, boredom, adventure, abuse and Love.  I am living a life that many feel I am lucky to have, but I know that every situation in my life is my creationfrom my poor and abusive childhood, to the Love and adventure I am experiencing now. I have learned to accept and embrace every experience of life for what it is.

I know I have had experiences that many would consider horrible, but I have fond memories of most of them, from being washed up on a beach during a hurricane to being stranded in the mountains of Tennessee for a few weeks with the group from "Deliverance”. I have to admit that I don’t have many enjoyable experiences from my childhood, but I accept and embrace those experiences for helping shape who I AM.

Even when I was 17, my wife’s mother asked me what my plans were for my life, with out hesitation; I told her I plan to retire when I am 30. Well she was polite, but I could tell by the look in her face that she knew, I was just a dreamer. But I did retire at 31.

I can’t think of an experience in lifeI have desired that hasn’t occurred in my life. I have been a, child, husband, parent, student, farmer, engineer, machinist, factory laborer, carpenter, entrepreneur, electrician, teacher, banker, executive, sailor and many others, most of these experiences occurred before I was 30 years old. I have experienced them all and I look forward to many more adventures.

Every moment of every day, we are given opportunities to choose from, that will determine our path and define who we will BE. Most of us just let things happen to us without consciously choosing them; well not making a choiceis still a choice. Most of us live 70 or more years just surviving, bouncing from crisis to crisis and experiencing unhappiness. We spend our entire lives working, to pay for a mortgage, a new car, and new clothes. We have forgotten what we are here for. We are here to just enjoy the wonderful experiences available to us on this Earth, no more no less. We are always trying to make this lifeso complicated, always looking outside ourselves for happiness.