I’m O.K.

I’ve thought about the different ways I can play this wonderful game. I have spent the last couple of years playing “I’m O.K.”. No matter what I have created, I know that in ultimate reality that none of this is real and it has no meaning, except the meaning I give it.

There are many possible outcomes of playing in the illusion while realizing I’m O.K. no matter what. To have this experience of I’m O.K. no matter what, I have to remember who I am; I’m not this body, I’m not this mind, these are just tools I use to have this physical experience. Here are two extremes I have experienced, which have created some interesting circumstances:

A.                Complete detachment; I have found that I am missing the feelings and emotions of the experience. I have the feeling that I am an observer. I’m separate from life around me, even my physical body. I’m looking at life as if I’m reading it in a book. I can see it; I can analyze it, but no emotional feeling.

B.                  Playing the game too intensely; I have found I often have no regard for my personal safety. With this belief, I can really feel a light playfulness, with a sense of awe and discovery. When I experience life from this perspective, I will sometimes place my physical body in situations where I could and have damaged my body.


I feel to play in this illusion, with the perception that I’m O.K. and still get the full experience, I have to forget, even if just for a fraction of second, that I’m O.K. By forgetting, I can have the experience of exhilaration, anxiety, fear, etc.


Thoughts become things; choose ones that align with who you choose to be!