We can experience Life as we desire right now and we could have done it at any time. All you need to do, is recognize everything around you is your creation; there is nothing wrong with it just as it is. You can enjoy this Life without fear and anxiety.

Nothing can be experienced without a reference point of comparison. The way we were meant to experience Life was to recognize, that the experiences of Life are not outside of us, occurring to us. You and I, We are the creators of everything we see and perceive, even the people around us.

Proverbs 23:7     (King James Version) For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:

Example: Let’s place a person in the Wisconsin outdoors in the winter, it is 10 degrees and they feel chilled. Let’s place a different individual in the Florida Keys on the beach in the winter, it is 95 degrees and high humidity and they feel hot and are perspiring.

Now let’s move both people into the same house, it is 70 degrees and low humidity inside. The person from Wisconsin experiences this house as warm; the person from Florida experiences this house as cool.  It is the same house but two completely different experiences and opinions based on the beliefs and experiences of where they have just come from in their life. The house was more than happy to give both people the experience they desired simultaneously.

We do the same thing with people. You may believe someone is angry; your belief naturally creates the experience of that person being angry. You will mostly notice aspects of that person you perceive as angry and even possibly create situations to increase your perception of that person being angry. Someone else may believe that same individual is happy. Same individual, but 2 different creations based on different beliefs and expectations.

So I hope all of you understand that by just changing your beliefs, you are able to recreate your reality.

We even place labels on ourselves based on the beliefs we hold of ourselves, and those labels change the perception we have of our surroundings. At one moment you may create being a spouse, another moment you are a parent to your child, and another moment you may be with your parents and taking on the role of the child. Depending on what label you have placed on yourself, you will act and perceive individuals around you accordingly. Some of beliefs we hold about ourselves, may not create positive labels for ourselves. You may not believe you are smart enough or you don’t make enough money. Well remember these are just beliefs you hold, and by changing your belief you change your reality.

I have moved a little bit away from our discussion on Life, but I wanted to point out that your beliefs create your experience of this wonderful game and that your beliefs about Life will create your experience of Life. Once you realize that you are just here to have experiences and that there isn’t a good or bad experience, you will feel more comfortable savoring every experience you have created in your life.

Your beliefs change your perception and experience of this wonderful creation.

Remember, You Create it All.

If you create something and you’re not willing to experience it, you keep creating it. (Harry Palmer, Avatar ™ is a registered ™ of Star’s Edge Int.)

Creators, who wish to create miracles for others, have to recognize; that the other people are only the ideas they have created of themselves. (Harry Palmer, Avatar ™ is a registered ™ of Star’s Edge Int.)

Don’t you just Love this Game!