Is remembering there is nothing to Forgive!


We all can think of times, when we imagine someone has injured us, hurt our feelings or even our physical bodies, by doing or not doing something to us or for us.

What you consider YOU is the personality of you that has very little to do with any specific physical body. Through millennia sages, prophets and scholars have tried to help us see that we identify too much with the tool we call our physical body and we are missing the true self. It is by understanding more of the reality this self exists in that we can understand how this game called Life really works.

You are not your physical body, your true essence cannot be injured in any way. You have come here to experience this human creation that WE have made. Before you came here you knew everything and still do (you just need to remember). However, knowing something and experiencing it are not the same. Remember when you were younger and learning to drive a car? First, you read the instruction book on how to drive. After reading the manual, you knew how to drive but lacked the experience of driving. Do you remember the experience the first time you got behind the wheel and actually experienced driving? The first time you were excited, nervous, maybe a little frightened. As you gained more experience driving you became more relaxed and it became a joyful experience. Life is the same; we are here just to enjoy the experiences of our creation.

We are not here to learn anything. We are not here to earn our way to heaven. We are not here to endure punishments for past transgressions. Once you recognize that life is just experiences for you to enjoy, you will remember there isn’t a good or bad experience. All experiences are of equal value.

When we say something is bad it is just a judgment we have made of that particular experience, another person having the same experience, may say that it is good.  Our perception of an experience is very relative to where we are at that particular moment. Example: You are outside in the winter and it is 20 degrees, you feel chilled and go into the house and it is 70 degrees inside and it feels warm. Now you are on a Florida beach it is 95 degrees and humid outside, you feel hot and go into the house, it is 70 degrees inside, and it feels cool. You have the same temperature and humidity inside, but you have two completely different experiences, which are relative to where you just came from.

Often we aren’t conscious of why we feel the way we do, or why we experience life the way we do. We often forget we filter experiences through our beliefs and previous teachings and experiences trying to place a meaning or label on it.

I feel that reality is where we came from before we arrived here for this human experience, and that this physical existence is really just an illusion we created for the experiences.

I believe that before we were born into our present lives, we mapped out an outline of what we wanted to experience in this life. Who our parents are and the situations we were born into. We even chose the people we might interact with. Remember as a child, playing make believe? This time I’ll be the mom and you’re the kid, or I’ll be the cop and you’re the robber. This life you have created is the same; you have chosen the situations and individuals who will bring joy and pain in your life. Rather than being upset with the memory of the playground bully, be thankful they agreed to play that role in your human experience.

Remember this life is your creation; you are in control of how the game is played. We are here just to enjoy the experiences of Our Creation, no more, no less.

Once we realize that we create every experience we have; once we realize that there isn’t a good or bad experience; we can move to a feeling of appreciation of everyone and everything.

Once we realize that we create every experience we have; once we realize that there isn’t a good or bad experience; we can thank those that have assisted in our experiences.

Here is a quote from: ©®  Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“Sadness, illness, and despair, are less conditions, than they are decisions - to see yourself as less than you really are.


Life is not what you see, but what you've projected. It's not what you've felt, but what you've decided. It's not what you've experienced, but how you've remembered it. It's not what you've forged, but what you've allowed. It's not who's appeared, but who you've summoned. And it's not where you've been, but where you're going.


When you play a game with family and friends, like hide and seek, or Twister, or even Monopoly, do you lose sleep the night before? Do you worry what people will think of your performance? Do you wonder how your past or your childhood years might influence your moves? Do you "replay" each turn in your mind the day after?


Ha-ha-hee-hee-hoe-hoe... No. Because you probably think that it's just for fun. You understand that no matter what happens, nothing about it can detract from who you are. That while you might not "win" you'll actually be richer and wiser for the time spent thinking, and calculating, and sharing with friends. You might even relish the refinement and development of your skills. Besides, in games you have nothing to prove; everyone you play with already loves you. Bottom line, you can become more for the playing, but not in a zillion years can you become less. And the more you see games like this, the more fun you have, the more you grow, and the better you get.


Well, these are the exact same reasons that angels play the "Time~Space" game.


It's why you're here.


Game, game, life, life, same, same.


The board is your life, the tokens are your friends, and achieving particular dreams and overcoming customized challenges are the prizes you've all chosen ahead of time. There are health games, wealth games, and relationship games. Confidence games, pride games, and worthiness games. There are even games you've never heard of. Some play one at a time, others play many at once, but no one, really, has anything to lose.” ©®  Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Andy & Mike Dooley.

Andy & Mike Dooley have some Totally Unique Thoughts on life please check out their website.


Once we realize that we create every experience we have; once we realize that there isn’t a good or bad experience; we can realize;

Forgiveness, is recognizing there is nothing to Forgive.