Be the Cause

We often forget we are the cause of all situations that occur in our lives.

It is an interesting game to pretend that things just happen; “It’s not my fault, things just happen to me”.

Look at your life and where you are. Through our beliefs we create situations in our lives and when these creations finally materialize, we find we have forgotten what we intended to experience. Be-Cause we have forgotten, we disown our creations. We become victims of circumstance, happenstance and chaos. We create stories of a punishing God, sneaky Devil or any other excuse, to explain why our lives and the world is the way it is.

Until we take responsibility and Be the Cause of our life, we can’t change it. All we can do is make excuses; “Life happens because of this, or that, not Be-Cause of me”.

We often don’t want to take responsibility for the situations in our lives.

We don’t want to Be the Cause of our Life, we try to create a separation between us and our creations.

Without taking responsibility for our creations, we create the situation of becoming victims.

Without taking responsibility for our creations, we can not change them.

Like I mentioned earlier “It is an interesting game to pretend that things just happen”, I believe it is a wonderful game.  We play this game in order to have a wide variety of experiences, we can pretend and experience being the victim, villain, mother, father, child and every other wonderful variety. 

Once we recognize we are the creators of every experience in our lives, we can stop being trapped in them. We can have the experience and quickly get in line for a new experience of our own cause.

Rather than believing your life is the way it is, Because of out side circumstances, Be the Cause of your Life.