Appreciate it All


We all find ourselves taking this wonderful game called Life too seriously at times.

No matter what you or others experience in Life, recognize that we have all created experiences in our lives, that at one time or another, we considered tragic. All of this is your creation and you have created it, for a particular experience, remember to appreciate and experience every one of them.

As you go about your day, appreciate everything around you (you create all of it). Feel what it feels like, to be the flower, appreciating the warm energy radiated by the sun. Feel what it feels like to be the flower, sharing your beauty and energy with the bee collecting pollen while resting on your petals. Feel what it feels like to appreciate that bee, for it’s’ part in your creation. Appreciate yourself for being the creator of all your experiences.

It is very easy to appreciate experiences we have judged to be good, but it is even more important, to appreciate experiences we have judged as imperfect or bad. As long as you resist an experience, you continue to recreate. Appreciate every creation and yourself as the creator of that experience.

All of us have counseled friends that are down and inevitably we place ourselves in their shoes and start feeling just as down as they are. Well, all you have created is; “misery loves company”, so now both of you are miserable. Why not appreciate that person’s creation, not pretend, but really appreciate their creation and appreciate them for being the wonderful creator they are.

If the person really feels their situation is tragic, I’m not saying to verbally congratulate them on their wonderful creation, they might help you co-create a wonderful black-eye to appreciate and experience. What I’m saying is to let your entire body feel and appreciate their creation and them as the creator of their experience. The other person can’t help but feel your Love and appreciation for them and their creation. They will naturally feel better.

Can you imagine what would happen to all of this wonderful turmoil, which we have created in this world, if we all just started appreciating each other and their creations and stopped judging them and their creations?

Can you imagine observing your frantic waitress at the restaurant and appreciating his/her creation and he/she as the creator, or the person who has cut in front of you at the grocery store; appreciate your self as the wonderful creator of this experience, appreciate the experience you have created of being cut in front of; then appreciate the other person for the wonderful creation they have co-created with you and them as the wonderful creator they are.

Your beliefs change your perception and experience of this wonderful creation.

Remember, You Create it All.


“If you create something and you’re not willing to experience it, you keep creating it.”  (Harry Palmer, Avatar ™ is a registered ™ of Star’s Edge Int.)

“Creators, who wish to create miracles for others, have to recognize; that the other people are only the ideas, they have created of themselves.” (Harry Palmer, Avatar ™ is a registered ™ of Star’s Edge Int.)

Don’t you just Love this Game!